This video from Reason Magazine is an important one to watch. It displays a chronic foolishness. Still today, the true dynamics of fascistic antitobacco are not understood, even by many of its critics.


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"The children, the children, the children!" has always been the cry of all the up-to-no-good bigots in all times. In reality, children (and anybody else) cannot be harmed by passive smoking. It is all a fraud to justify segregation, prohibition and Nazi ideology.

Jacob Sullum: arguing about a tiny bit of increased risk of cancer (when all the science on passive smoking – regardless of the numbers – is plain junk) is a useless waste of time. The real issue is institutional corruption, prohibition and the public health’s Neo-Nazi ideology.

The fool who says that the government must "step in" on smoking is fat and has junk food in his hands – supreme demonstration that stupidity is blind.

Nick Gillespie defeats his own arguments and becomes the father of a new, spectacular rhetorical nonsense along the lines of "smoking-is-bad-but": "I like smoking bans, but…"

The American intelligensia that Reason represents protests against smoking bans while conceding to all the false premises that create them. Antitobacco does not present arguments for civilised debate. It declared the debate over before any ever took place. Antitobacco lies. It spits on reason. It spreads hate. It creates oppression. Antitobacco is the enemy of truth. This video just doesn’t get it. Lots of folks don’t get it. They need to wise up pronto.

The video well represents the fatal misunderstanding of antitobacco which still pervades even the Classic Liberal/Libertarian forces. Antitobacco is simply fascistic. Many refuse to see this, despite antitobacco’s enormities piled on enormities, over decades now. This recalls the incredible yet widespread reluctance amongst too many, worldwide, to see Hitler for what he was. It took a world war and a Holocaust to drive the point home to them.

Some folks simply seem incapable of recognising that antitobacco is about lies and about hate. For example, the video completely misses the point on junk science. It argues that increased risk of lung cancer of one per cent or so from passive smoking exposure makes no difference, because the risk is still incredibly small. That is totally wrong. The risk makes no difference because all the studies on passive smoking are statistical trash concocted out of faulty and dishonest methodology – thus whatever number they show – be it a 1% or 1,000% increased chance of getting lung cancer – does not represent any measurement. It is all false. From the serious and scientific point of view, all the epidemiologic studies on passive smoking are simply fallacious irrelevancies, as they have proved nothing in any direction.

The video goes on with an interesting and fatal collection of other wrongs. It lets pass the trashy “right to health” notion, which is as undefined as it is economically and socially dangerous, such that it may be taken to infinity with disastrous consequences. It displays the old and trite bewilderment: “There was a time when Americans would have been outraged at politicians telling bar owners that they could not allow smoking in their own bar.” Yes, indeed – so what?… They are not outraged now, because they gave in to Fascism.

There was a time when Germans would have been outraged at politicians telling them that they could not rent a house to Jews – similarly as now more and more Americans who smoke cannot find a rental house. Those who have embraced the Neo-Nazi health mentality call that progress. The missed point here is that the politically-driven mechanisms that lead people to hatred and intolerance are not addressed. The past is irrelevant. Things have gone bad. They have to get set right and that is going to take force.

There is even worse stuff than that in this video. Nick Gillespie administers the kiss of death to his own arguments with two devastating sound bites.

The first one is: "I actually like smoking bans; I just don’t like it when the government does the banning." With such a statement Gillespie legitimizes the hatred and the de-socialization of smoking and smokers – with personal endorsement – as bans are meant to get rid of misfits and pariahs. Since “majority rules absolutely” – at least in the linear minds of many – what’s the problem with the state representing the “will of the majority?”… Gillespie may have as well said: “I like bans on gays; I just don’t like it when the government does the banning." The ensuing conclusion is that desocializing and treating people like trash is OK when done privately, but not when done at the government’s level!… Can we call this confusion? This sound bite complements nicely the "smoking is bad, but…" sort of drivel which characterises all the "politically correct wanna-be" smokers’ rights groups of past and present.

The second self-defeating point that a confused Gillespie imparts is: “Smoking is the worst thing you can do to your body” – such a terrible thing that, as we know, not even one death from smoking can be scientifically demonstrated. In the panting race for "acceptability" and "credibility," this fundamental point goes again unspoken. The belief that "smoking kills" is once again legitimized while the very core of the issue is not addressed. It is also a dangerous statement. It daftly implies that alcoholism, intake of heavy drugs, and abuse of pharmaceutical garbage are not as bad, i.e. better than smoking. Well then, if you have to choose between taking up smoking or shooting up heroin the choice is clear: politically correct Gillespie has highlighted it for you!

There is some small good in the video, such as the observation that supporting the Neo-Nazi state against things that you don’t like might feel fine, but how about when it comes, as it will, to things you do like? The point is weakly made here, however, and gets lost amongst the contradictions of an exposition that spectacularly fails to address any and all of the base problems that lead to the current state of affairs.

A video to watch indeed: to learn exactly how NOT to present our side. Its faltering message is crowned with the most empty and foolish question of all: how far will smoking bans go? The answer is loud, clear, and in everybody’s face: ALL THE WAY TO PROHIBITION AND TOTAL PERSECUTION. Those who smoke will be punished and rejected from society. Gillespie should have the answer instead of asking the question, as he states that he likes it when a quarter of the population is discriminated against.

If this is the best intellectual defence that smokers can hope for from ostensibly Libertarian press, it is high time to support FORCES. Please subscribe and donate here: we have the arguments, the knowledge and the guts to defend you without catering to "authority," hatred, ignorance, and superstition. We have the will and we know the way. We just miss the money.

One last note: in the video, pay attention to the fool who states that the government must “step in” on smoking. He is fat and he has politically incorrect food in his hand. Don’t worry, idiot: they are coming for you too.



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