Those who think that they know what is good for you don’t know the limitations of their own pinheads – indeed the entire universe has shrunk into them: they are the quintessential black hole.

Banning living – one piece at the time – in the name of "health " and junk science

Ban smoking on cruise ships

Ban doughnuts

Ban French Fries

Ban lunches at public schools

Ban the right to smoke

Ban soft drinks and snacks

We think that it would be tiresome to enumerate the endless things that are “no good for you” and therefore are banned. Let us just look at the last one.

“…At issue is a decision to refuse free doughnuts, pies and breads that were being donated to senior centers around Putnam County, north of New York City. Officials were concerned that the county was setting a bad nutritional precedent by providing mounds of doughnuts and other sweets to seniors.”

The “good” nutritional precedent being, of course, a prohibition and another negative for the no brain nihilists who run “public health”.

There is no doubt that a “good” and “healthy” world is, for them, a world that is as empty as the mind of the “health conscious” usually is: empty of smoking, preservatives, drinking, salt, sugar, alcohol, cars, noise, pleasure, differences, cultures, industries…

There are indeed a lot of places with those characteristics in the world: they are called cemeteries – and most “health conscious” types are walking cemeteries already. But the “public health” nihilism wants to force us to go beyond the beyond; cemeteries are the places of those who once were; “public health” wants us not to be.

Those retardos just do not get it: we do not want to be “helped”.

Smokers do not want to be “helped” to quit, fat people do not need “help” to get slim, drinkers want no “therapy” to get “dry”, we do not want the salt-free, fat-free and sugar-free foods; we do not want mandatory safety belts — and we just love doughnuts, lots of doughnuts.

We want to be public health-free.

We want public health to take care of kitchens, hospitals and the public urinals where it belongs – and we want it to be OUT of our lives and life choices.

But the “public health” officers are too dumb and too arrogant to get the message. So they have to be MADE to understand – with messages that they cannot ignore.

Even ten years ago nobody would have believed that a piece like this came from a serious news source: “…seven demonstrators, average age 76, were picketing outside, demanding doughnuts”. Demanding free doughnuts! Buy your own – lots of them – bring them inside, eat them (right in the face of public health) and violate its rules. Give them to others for free – they are not that expensive! Challenge the authority of the “public health” dogs to begin with, and get at the core of the matter. The single doughnut issue in itself is petty, but the intentions of “public health” are not – to the point that behaviour control is now the object of laws and expensive enforcements; it therefore deserves a serious response, and challenge.

Instead – and very much like restaurant operators ruined by smoking bans and begging for level playing fields – here are our heroes picketing the door with slogans: "Give us our just desserts, they’re carbs, not contraband" and: ”We are old enough to choose”.

Are we sure of that, considering their behaviour?… It is a given fact that age does not mean maturity!



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