If somebody still believes that government-driven antitobacco policies are good or smart, he should really read this piece, as the utter stupidity of the Canadian government and its criminal antitobacco policies cannot be better described.
At FORCES we were ambivalent about publishing this, because we were not really certain we wanted to give publicity to the Canadian farmers, who only care selfishly about a buy-out, and do not give a damn about smokers who for so long have put food on the farmers’ tables. So much for gratitude and integrity.

On the other hand, we are tremendously enjoying what they are doing to the government. First they gave away their tobacco to the natives who in turn sell untaxed cigarettes (good on them!), and now their Plan B is simply to dump their crop. Gotta love their spunk!

In the meantime Canadian contraband is flourishing, particularly in Quebec and Ontario, and is even reaching Western Canada and the Maritimes. Although it is claimed that the contraband problem does not really exists (and that the number of smokers is decreasing because they are counting the legal cigarettes only!), the newspapers report periodically how many cartons of cigarettes (in the millions) they are seizing but it’s only “feel good” articles to appease the antismoking bastards, because there is no way they can stop contraband in Canada now without creating:

War with the natives who promised to ”kick ass” if government interfered (obviously the Natives have the nerve that the "civilized”, “law abiding” and guilt-ridden average Canadian who goes outside to smoke at -30° C lacks);
High expenses for investigations and arrests.

In Quebec nowadays it is possible to buy a carton of 200 cigarettes for $6.00, when the retail price of legal cigarettes is around the $70 mark, due to criminal taxation by the antismoking bastards. Remember that the cost of production and distribution of a full carton of cigarettes – all included but the retailers’ profit – does not exceed four US or Canadian dollars or thereabout. All the rest is criminal tax.

Canada may not be combatting in a flamboyant way, but what is happening with the contraband is bound to hurt more than any outright demonstration, unless of course it’s massive civil disobedience – but that may never happen in Canada because – save some remarkable exceptions – Canadians tend to obey the Tyrant as sheep obey the shepherd.

Be that as it may, at least they fight according to their nature. Applause to the native Americans that are the government’s Achilles’s heel in the smoking fight. They are making the difference. Make a point of seeking their products.

And ALL of that – never forget! – in spite of the overwhelming evidence that not even one death at any time, in any nation, and for any disease can be scientifically proven to be caused by smoking – ever.

There is no question in our minds that future historians will log these years as the greatest triumph of institutional fraud and criminal mentality of all times, and an epoch of unprecedented stupidity, to boot. Hopefully, future generations will learn what we have not – if they don’t have microchips implanted in their heads for their “health & safety”, that is. We’ll bet the Indians won’t at any rate. How can we join the tribe?

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