One of the biggest problems with mental illness is that the victim does not know he is insane. For proof read the opening lines of this Associated Press piece – and the rest of the contents, too!

Another problem with delusional behavior is that it often appears slowly, giving both the victims and his relatives time to adjust to the changes and accept that irrationality as normal. When it comes to collective madness, that is always the case.

To have an indication of how it works, let us read the opening line of this gem: “It was once scientific heresy to suggest that smoking contributed to lung cancer.” Well, it still is – and for a simple reason: scientifically, that contribution has never been demonstrated!

Right at the outset, the anonymous writer supplies glaring indications of collective insanity. In fact:

He wants to show “the progress of science and culture” by confusing the cultural acceptance of what was never scientifically demonstrated with the missing actual scientific demonstration.
He obviously has no clue of what science is and thus further confuses trashy, multifactorial epidemiological junk-science evidence with science, which is instead based on real measurements, repeatability of theory, and verification.
He further implies that the cultural acceptance of what was pushed by corrupt (maybe deluded?) “authorities” and created with propaganda not only is a scientifically established reality, but is so because of the preponderance of that belief, thus further enmeshing the concept of science with that of democracy!

All that is expressed in a 13-word line. Sincere congratulations! What is the problem? It is that this AP piece will be lazily copy-pasted by thousands of publications around the world, further spreading the conceptual enmeshments and thus the intellectual retardation.

But this is just a prelude for the main event. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

The perpetually confused always need authoritative guidance to maintain a minimum standard of functionality. There is little surprise, therefore, that references to “authority” abound in the piece that shows yet another intellectual dysfunction: the confusion of authority with knowledge and science!

OK, we kept you waiting long enough. What’s the beef?…

The night shift “causes” cancer, the “authorities” said so! “Next month, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the cancer arm of the World Health Organization, will classify shift work as a "probable" carcinogen. That will put shift work in the same category as cancer-causing agents like anabolic steroids, ultraviolet radiation, and diesel engine exhaust.”

Can’t we imagine the consequences?… Ban night jobs! Close down air traffic control after sunset! Prohibit maritime shipping that stays at sea overnight! At the least, demand extra "risk" wages for employees who work swing or graveyard shifts! Why, we could create a double whammy: support anti-obesity, too, by banning all fast food chain operations from sunset to dawn – beside, of course, smoking on the job. Health first of all – and those who "took it away" must pay: did you work night shift and now have prostate cancer? Sue – and cite the World Health Organization. As prostate cancer is very, very slow, you will have plenty of time and cash to spend from that nasty boss of yours 15 years ago. Revenge is at hand!

We’ve always said that the WHO and the IARC are a bunch of control freak crooks and we fully stand behind that. Now we also submit that they suffer from various degrees of mental illness, as they seem to believe what comes out of their statistical computers where they entered their wacko ASSUMPTIONS. We all know that when you start believing the bullshit that you spread you are sick in the head.

At almost every line this AP piece is a treasure of indicators, so we’ll skip a few – but try this: “If the shift work theory proves correct, millions of people worldwide could be affected.” That means, in other words, that health “authorities” totally unrestrained by any other power can act (with all the implied consequences on economy, politics and liberties) on the mere basis of a theory. In essence, the message is that any theory, imagination and/or fraud by entities such as the WHO becomes science by virtue of their authority – NO accountability to science (or people) whatsoever!

We think that we have demonstrated our point enough, but here is one last display of the goofy mentality dominating a society that desperately needs help: “The idea that shift work might increase your cancer risk is still viewed with skepticism by some, but many doubters will likely be won over when IARC publishes the results of its analysis.” Yes! When “authority” will grace us all with its multifactorial, guess-based epidemiological trash presented as a “study” by some impressive Ph.D. mercenaries, the baboons will finally see the light of faith and at least ask for a raise while eating a banana.

Alternatively, they could choose mental health, light up a cigarette and yawn — and consider the source: International Agency for Research on Cancer. After all, even though their own study a few years back showed no causal relationship between Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) and cancer, they’re still pushing smoking bans. They don’t even need a genuine health crisis to mandate new rules. Why let the due process of rulemaking procedures get in the way?



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