… and he does not even smoke … but pub owner Hamish Howitt understands the very dangerous precedent that “public health” is establishing in politics and society. He is defying the British smoking ban because he is a man who believes in right and who recognizes wrong.

This is a law totally based on fraud that has been pushed by dishonest organizations that are fully aware that it’s a fraud. What Hamish is fighting is the very concept that a bunch of bureaucrats, backed by medical associations with a broad streak of Nazism along their backs and who are knowingly lying, can have the power to prohibit legal, normal behaviour by good citizens that harm no one.

A law that does not respect the rights of all – and yes, smoking IS a right! – does not deserve any respect, and has to be broken by any citizen with a social conscience, such as Hamish Howitt.

He avers he will continue to break the law – all the way to a jail cell, if necessary. Despite the threats of tyrannical government he insists he will allow his patrons to smoke – right in the face of the smoking ban, of the antismokers, the trashy Ministry of Health and of all the rotten corruption, moral, scientific, and political, that it represents.

Hamish is a shining example of a person who knows where and when the line is to be drawn. He knows that it is not about smoking, and he is showing to smokers and non-smokers what to do to free ourselves from tyranny. To him goes our unconditional admiration. May many find the courage to imitate him.

We will break the law with you, Hamish: as the “authorities” promise a “robust” enforcement of this Nazi law, we will smoke robustly in their faces. Let’s see which bastard gets tired first, shall we? Let’s not forget that civil disobedience is very expensive for the oppressors – even when they have their hands deep into the citizens’ pockets. The cost of enforcement is tremendous, while political popularity will erode, because disobedience induces the “authorities” to show “who’s in charge,” and push the envelope beyond any level of tolerance – it cannot do otherwise.

Recently Hamish was fined £500. Even as this article was being prepared we received the news that the business licence for one of Hamish Howitt’s two pubs has been revoked (stored link). Read the latest details at the Freedom to Choose Newsletter (stored link). The newsletter also notes supremely arrogant tactics of governmental intimidation displayed against other righteously defiant British bar and restaurant owners. The jackboot is on. The resistance must be absolute. Hamish Howitt has understood this all along. He deserves our support (note the "Help a Hero" link below) to continue fighting as an inspiration to tyrannized business owners and smokers everywhere. Hamish and his movement are important flags of resistance which transcend the borders of the UK.

Disobedience and perseverance are what it takes to destroy the diabolical machine “public health” has become; education will destroy its frauds; the force of rage against it will destroy its petty arrogance along with its power. Let’s keep on moving.

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