New Zealand is banning the venerable incandescent light bulb. This cheap and reliable consumer favorite will be forcefully phased out of the marketplace next year. Consumers will have to buy considerably more expensive types of bulbs thereafter. The New Zealand banners follow the lead of the USA. They cite a carbon dioxide footprint. Since the CO2 footprint is much worse with candles you’d think they might want to ban them too. This ban is typically and totally nuts. The citizens have aborted the use of candles and petroleum lamps voluntarily, and the incandescent bulb has a much more efficient light output, but it seems that does not matter. The dictators in the parliament must rule as always foolishly, and pettily, in this case by virtue of the global warming scam. The article about this from Reuters notes the threat of gaseous exudations from farm animals as well. Expect calls for a livestock Holocaust. Of course every human also exudes planet-threatening gas, including exhalations of CO2, several times per minute. When are the NZ parliamentary lunatics going to ban humans?



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