Joe Jackson comments on anti-smoking’s denormalization campaign, and the folly of seeking compromise when confronting intolerance.
For several years now smokers have suffered the pressure of a state sponsored denormalisation campaign intended to remove the acceptability of smoking from society. Far from being any kind of health initiative the denormalisation campaign is an open social engineering plan by officials and special interest groups who view smoking as "bad" and the clear message is that in order to be part of society you must conform to the lifestyle choices of those who profess to know better. In the 21st Century, this "smoking apartheid" is rapidly becoming the norm in most "civilised" nations demonstrating that the extremes of forcing political correctness have not improved since the dark ages.

The mistake that most smokers make in challenging all of this is to seek compromise in an eagerness to re-build their social lives, for example by requesting separate smoking rooms. In a new FORCES article (linked below), Joe Jackson tells us why this approach is both wrong and doomed to failure….



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