American public schools may crank out illiterates who can’t add or subtract figures with any accuracy but they are superb in enforcing the prevailing Healthist orthodoxy.
An eighth-grade honors student in Connecticut committed heresy by buying a bag of candy from another student. For this sin he was suspended from school for one day. The punishment didn’t stop there.

The boy had been looking forward to attending a dinner given to acknowledge exceptional students but, as a cost of his heresy, he has been barred from that celebration. Finally, he has been deposed from the office of class vice president to which his fellow students elected him. Good thing he wasn’t caught smoking or he would most likely now have a juvenile record and be held back a year.

The school district banned candy sales in 2003 as part of its school "wellness" policy. In a zero-tolerant Healthist culture punishment for ridiculous "crimes" becomes the purpose of education. Sanity is crushed by a poisonous mentality that exalts "health" above all else. Accomplishment is nothing. Conformity is all. A stand-out student viciously ostracized by schoolf officials: because the kid bought candy. Lord what have we come to?



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