This should be an appropriate header for the article we are linked to if we were in times of decency instead of fraud.

"Don’t treat patients until they kick habit: top doctor" is the actual header instead. The ideological cancer of denying smokers the cures they paid for continues to spread. This time the proponent is another despicable individual who should be stripped of the licence to practice medicine: Mahendra Varma. What the Belfast Telegraph cleverly portrays as “frustration” is actually the hatred of a “doctor” who blatantly lies to the public without any shred of decency — how can he have any, anyway? He is an antismoker!

“He said that smokers should have to give up their addiction at least three to six months before undergoing a major procedure, to increase the chances of a good recovery afterwards.”

“Dr.” Varma should really give up his addiction to fraud. There is no way to demonstrate, scientifically, that the heart disease of any of the patients of the long waiting list he is talking about was caused by smoking in the first place. There is no mention of the inefficiency of the hospital structures. There is no mention of the average age of those patients as the life expectancy continues to grow. There is no blaming for the mismanagement of the resources of “public health”, the artificially inflated cost of drugs, the super-paycheques of “public health” operatives, the cost of “public health” campaigns and so on. But there is the contemptible concept that the tax paying citizen is guilty of being sick.

Verma should be ashamed of using the old “jumbo jet” trick that not even the rest of the antismoking trash is using anymore. Enough people die every day in the world to fill a nation. So what?… Varma should be ashamed to open his mouth altogether – as a citizen and especially as a doctor. Just do your job and shut up, nobody pays you (or asked you!) for lectures.

But there is one thing we must agree with Varma on: " We do not live in a Utopian society, the Health Service does not have a lot of money."

Exactly. The NHA should stop wasting millions in fraudulent antismoking/obesity campaigns and should regulate the cost of drugs, for example, instead of defaulting on its obligation to provide the care citizens pay for using epidemiological rubbish. That would be a sign of integrity, for a refreshing change! And to prove that it is sincere, the NHS should pull Varma’s licence along with that of other violators of the Ippocratic oath.

If the socialist largesse of the past (remember when it was sufficient to be on British soil for any foreigner to obtain a complete dental job for free, for example?…) comes home to roost today, only criminals can blame the citizens who paid for that waste – so go after the politicians and Big Pharma, not us!

”I shall do no harm”: what do you think that you are doing when you deny surgery to a patient with a heart condition, “doctor”?…

We actually really need your services for the nausea that you cause to us. Any suggestion, ”doctor”?…



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