There is a machine out there that is, no doubt, the most feared ever by Tobacco Control and smoking cessations advocates.

It is a polygraph, also known as lie detector. Smokers going around London should arm themselves with some of these machines. Why? Just read this article and you will understand. The latest stunt from the antismoking social scum is to go around the streets of London and stop smokers. Then the smoker is asked to blow into a machine and measure the CO in his breath, so that he is “scared” after being told some ridiculous lie on what his CO level should be. What the smoker is not told is, of course, that the reading is absolutely temporary, and that the CO readout indicated by the machine does not constitute any danger for his body.

But this is not what Ealing Primary Care Trust will do, of course. The gang has hired 11 baboons to hunt for smokers and ask them to take the test. It is, of course, a fishing expedition for smoking idiots, and the number of 2,400 quitters the article mentions is the usual BS. A smoking idiot is a smoker who believes antismoking propaganda even after being shown that it is all a fraud. Such person hopes to meet people like those of Ealing Primary Care Trust, to finally have a “scientific proof” that he is about to die. In that way he will beg to be financially defeathered by the smoking cessation crooks. Such smoker should really quit, and in that way stop making smokers look bad. We don’t need idiots in our ranks. Fortunately, that kind of foolish smoker is not very common anymore amongst us. Thank God, most all have quit already.

Two inexpensive and portable models of polygraph. This machine should be carried around by all smokers (especially those in London, nowadays!) to submit antismoking activists to a "truth" test when they tell about the "harmful" effects of smoking. If you decide to buy one of these machines, make sure to carry a spare set of batteries. Tobacco Control advocates will quickly discharge them.

But, going back to our idea. Smokers’ rights groups should arm themselves with small and inexpensive portable polygraphs, such as those in the pictures. Then they should wait outside places like Ealing Primary Care Trust, ASH or the ministry of health, and politely but firmly ask them to submit to the test on smoking (and watch the machines go crazy!) to shock the compulsive liars into telling the truth, probably for the first time in their lives.

Here are some suggested questions, the true answer to all of them being “no”.

Can you scientifically demonstrate one death or disease uniquely caused by smoking?
Can you scientifically demonstrate one death or disease uniquely caused by passive smoking?
Are you in this business because you want to help people?
Would you do this if you weren’t making money?
Do you believe that smoking kills?
Do you deny being a sociopath?
Were you mother and friends kind to you when you were small?

Good to see that Ealing Primary Care Trust may be aware of the consequences in case they meet a smoker with intelligence and dignity: “They will have to be careful when approaching smokers in case they become aggressive, but we are interested to see how it pans out” – because it may pan out that these harassers may find themselves eating the tailpipe of a diesel car and then undergo a “breathalyser” test from their own machine! We certainly would not blame the smoker. Aggressiveness is the only appropriate response to aggression.

Also it is good to see that – maybe! – the FOREST organization has finally understood something it failed to grasp so far — that antismoking operatives and Nazis have the same mental and moral matrix. “This is an outrageous abuse of freedom and privacy. It is the health Nazi equivalent of chuggers”, says Neil Rafferty of FOREST Incredible indeed, considering that the word “Nazi” has never been out in FOREST’s vocabulary!

Congratulations, better late than never! When we called anti-smokers Nazi’s over 10 years ago, we were called “extremists” and a safe political distance was kept between us and the smokers’ rights groups.

But here comes the £1,000,000 question: will you treat them and address them like Nazis deserve?…

Read further comments on this issue at the Pro-Choice Smoking Doctor web site (Hypocritical Nazi Scum Award for September 2008)



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