More bombardment of useless numbers by the statistically-addicted press. This time however, the numbers show that the overwhelming majority of the people do not think that the tobacco companies should be “liable for smoker health problems”.

The statement is followed by an overwhelming and confusing river of percentages within percentages, within percentages. But, of course, it is all a smoke screen as the main and fundamental issue is not addressed: no one “smoker’s health problem” can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking. But, of course, science and truth have nothing to do with this.

Even the Supreme Court, in it’s recent decision to open new avenues for smokers to sue Big Tobacco, hypothetically because the light cigarettes are as “bad” as the regular ones, perpetuates the antismoking fraud. Using anti-tobacco’s own propaganda, in fact, it is clear that we are looking at a decrease of the incidence of lung cancer even amongst smokers- and that is official data. Thus, proceeding from the assumption, which we don’t share, that smoking is the main cause of lung cancer – and considering that the “incubation” period of lung cancer is 20 years as decided by “scientific democracy” (that is, total lack of proof, but majority agreement in opinions – it is not a coincidence then that the decrease of lung cancer occurs 20 years after the promotion of lighter cigarettes. There is no need to be a scientist to realize that, by the way: it is intuitive that a lower amount of the already minimal toxic quantities in cigarettes can only decrease the risk of contracting the disease.

Oh, please forgive us again! We are thinking as logical and honest people – as if we did not know better! In spite of our experience, we tend to forget that the institutions have become a bunch of criminals that caters to pharmaceutical industries, ignorance, fear and superstition to achieve political goals of population control.

So, who cares about logic, science and proof? Who cares about the majority of public opinion when it is “stupid” enough not to have the “right” opinion? Aren’t you forgetting the slogan of the World Health Organization criminals when they say that “tobacco is deadly in any form or disguise”? Come to your senses, then!



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