The founding editor of the journal Tobacco Control has succumbed to cancer at age 52.

Presuming them innocent of his distorted and hateful ideology, Doctor Ron Davis’s family has our condolences. In that his early demise itself discredits that ideology he has not died in vain.

Doctor Davis, who “mastered” the “science” of “advocating policy,” according to a fascist colleague, devoted the bulk of his abbreviated career to advancing vicious imposition of social division and oppression in the cause of enforced longevity.

One voice for the false ideals of eugenics has been stilled. So must be all the others: the task remains to exterminate the pseudo-science, to expose it under all its aliases, to disgrace all who espouse it, to bury this engine of hatred wholly and eternally.

Ron Davis didn’t just tell you how to live. He didn’t merely harass you with sanctimonious lectures and hysterical lies. He maligned you and set the cops on you. Never tolerate that. Never tolerate his kind.

We once saw Ron Davises for what they were. We once knew enough to dismiss them with ridicule. It’s past time to regain such sane perspective. Insist on sanity. Reason for yourself and live as you please, never forgetting, the Grim Reaper comes for all of us.

Sooner adopt the entire lifestyle of W.C. Fields than any particle of advice from the likes of Ron Davis. Fields lived a lot longer, but more important, he was truly human. Humanity is what Ron Davis never had and what he spent his short life trying to destroy.



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