The Tobacco Control industry is an industry of frauds designed to induce fear and condition behaviour through laws based on deception.

From the impossible-to-quantify deaths related to active smoking (it has never been scientifically demonstrated that any person has ever died "because of smoking") to the junk science-based ridiculous claims on passive smoking: the public has been conned for decades now by an industry of contorted lies, which grows ever bigger, and ever more shameless.

Unfortunately, this problem does not concern only a bunch of well-paid liars belonging to wacko activist groups. The state institutions have become one with the wacko activists groups – same fanaticism, same lies, in the same dire tones. Universities all over the world are busy cranking out the latest falsification, weird “association,” most recent “scourge” that somehow they link up with smoking, or drinking, or eating. There is no science in this – that is abundantly clear. There is only the money that pays for junk science fabrications that are designed to destroy freedom, engineer culture and instigate hatred.

All over the world, Tobacco Control produces frauds in the same way General Motors produces cars: the model is designed, and then mass-produced and exported to all nations. The latest “model line” from Tobacco Control is the Science by Press Release series. Its main engineer is one of the greatest liars in the business, Stanton Glantz, who started the series with the infamous Helena study, that “demonstrated” that, the very moment smoking is forbidden, heart attacks go down – so passive smoking is an “instant killer”.

Since then, these "studies" have been cranked out from the assembly line of the Industry of Fraud in great numbers. Every nation that implements a smoking ban makes the same claim because it uses the same trash. The implication is that since ALL nations make the same claim, the claim is true.


The implication is far more worrisome: it means that the public health institutions of all those nation are knowingly lying. It means that there is a world epidemic of corruption.

We recommend that you read "Jill Pell: Publish and be damned." It is a powerful short paper that speaks volumes about this “disposable science” that is not meant to advance knowledge because it is not science, it is fraud; it is there for the sole purpose to advance a political agenda which has absolutely nothing to do with health. Here is a teaser from the paper published by Velvet Glove, Iron Fist:

“Spare a thought for the scientific studies churned out by the champions of public health, they only have a life expectancy of 48 hours. They are born as press releases on the day before publication and live on in the media for another 24 hours before being dropped in favour of fresh health scares and new revelations. True, they survive in libraries and on the internet where they exist in a sort of half-life but it is not an existence any of us would relish. Here, they are ripped apart by less credulous critics and suffer the indignity of having their methodology mocked and their conclusions ridiculed.

Since the only motive behind these studies is to generate publicity towards the epidemic of smoking / drinking / bacon / salt / mobile phones (delete as appropriate) it is perhaps only humane that public health practitioners have sought to spare the humiliation of a half-life by bypassing publication altogether.”

Public health institutions have turned into political activism institutions solely based on fraud and deception. Unfortunately, politicians believe THEM. Do not forget that YOU elect the politicians. At the next elections, before casting your vote, why don’t you ask them what their political stand is on the fraudulent science against lifestyles? One thing is for certain: as long as smoking and lifestyle control is not brought up by the electors, the politicians will conveniently "assume" that repression and fraud are they way to go.



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