Researchers at the San Diego School of Medicine have published the results of a study this week in the journal Cancer Cell, that shows lung cancers grow faster if you expose them to smoke.
All very interesting but there are a few things that don’t sit quite right here. First and foremost the researchers conducted the experiment on mice that they had exposed to carcinogens or had genetically modified to give them lung cancer. Why didn’t they expose them to smoke to give them lung cancer? The reason is simple, that was tried for 20 years and smoke didn’t give mice lung cancer.

Now the anti smoking movement got past this rather unfortunate hurdle by pointing out that mice are not the same as humans. Why then is money now being spent on testing cancer growth rates on mice? Are our public health authorities trying to convince mice with lung cancer not to take up smoking?

I seriously doubt it so we can only presume then that this is another example of – any kind of of study that further attacks tobacco will do! The researchers even admit that they don’t know whether this will be applicable to humans so why the world wide release with the obligatory and unquestionable anti smoking headline?

Apart from that (we are used to daily hypocrisy and money wasting from tobacco control), should anyone really be surprised if it were shown that exposure to a stimulant caused irritation of tumours? What public health gain could ever be achieved from this information?

It seems very unlikely that a person would start smoking only after they had been diagnosed with lung cancer so was this study conducted to encourage smokers to quit if they have lung cancer? Like they couldn’t figure this out for themselves. What next? Are we going to waste untold thousands of dollars on studies that say – "If you have heart disease don’t eat pizza’s and burgers" or "if you have liver disease don’t drink vodka" ?

The only conclusion from all of this is that this study was produced by those with their fingers in the never ending pot of tobacco control money to produce a headline that adds to the daily propaganda of the most expensive and comprehensive social engineering experiment in human history; what tobacco control lovingly refers to as "denormalisation".



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