This article in French talks about a very important coalition – TICAP, The International Coalition Against Prohibition.

For the first time ever in history, TICAP (or ICAP) brings together all the formerly scattered local movements around the world, into one organization that has over-arching principles. TICAP constitutes the foundation for an international political action against “public health” and its totalitarian ideology based on (and justified by) junk science and epidemiologic frauds that started over 40 years ago.

TICAP does not concern itself with just smoking, but with all aspects of lifestyle and behaviour control, targets of the aforementioned junk science-propelled ideology. Read more on TICAP and on the Aldebaran Treaty by clicking here, here and here.

We’ll say that this French article addresses the important points of the matter. Unfortunately the two accompanying illustrations are childishly oblivious to the issues of scientific fraud and personal freedom. The sophomoric artwork seems to imply that TICAP is dismissible (or not to be taken quite seriously – some sort of eccentric freaks, perhaps?) because it deals with “deadly” passions.

Thus we’re presented with a skull and cross-bones flag, a cigarette as a smoke-stack (with a lot of grey smoke, to indicate death and pollution!), and smokers likewise exuding a lot of smoke. The single point thereby illustrated is the usual mantra of "smoking kills," suggesting of course that TICAP supports “death”: only crazy people could support deadly "vice."

The cartoon character of the second illustration says: “Smokers of all countries, tobacco will win” – perfectly missing the points of liberty and scientific fraud. Sadly the illustrations cater to the rank superstition and false scientific information that has been hammered into the heads of people for decades. If we blame the foolish artists we must also blame the foolish culture which inspired them. Again, the article itself is not so daft, and is worth a look. The text and pictures reflect an ambivalent press perception of TICAP, in one case curious, in the other reflexively dismissive.

Awareness of TICAP is aborning. In the meantime, the alliance activists are on the move, and it’s worth asking, whether TICAP will come to be taken increasingly seriously as it increases in size and activity. Most essentially this will depend on the money the movement can raise. The hammering propaganda campaigns of antitobacco must be effectively countered. That will cost. TICAP’s success will also depend on the lawyers that it will be able to hire to take some of the “public health” cons to trial for propagating falsehood, for example – and thus “discourage” institutional corruption as a way of governing.

We are only beginning to implement our ambitious goals. We are only beginning to amass funds. We are certainly on the right course. We know that Healthism is overripe for debunking and destruction. We know we shall win when we marshall the forces and finances required. At that point, certainly, we may see cartoons of “public health” “authorities” rounded up on a ship — destination Devil’s Island — with a tattered no smoking sign as its pathetic flag.

Healthism is vicious and powerful. It won’t go away without a war. Sometimes we have to make our peers understand respect by giving them a bloody nose. Tolerance and courtesy are out. Antitobacco made it so. Tolerance and courtesy will be re-established after the war. Until then, direct, aggressive, pro-active action is in, and that is what TICAP is all about. Understand the situation. Help to win the war.



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