A college student’s article reveals that some students understand the troubling anti-tobacco mentality.

The article linked below would infuriate any smoker. It accurately portrays the nonsensical thinking of a properly brainwashed anti-smoking fanatic. Only by reading the comments in reaction to the editorial is it clear that the article’s clever author, Chad Van Alstin, actually opposes the draconian bans being imposed on college campuses across the nation.

The comments also reveal that Mr. Van Alstin was surprised that so many didn’t recognize the tongue-in-cheek tone of his writing. We are not surprised because the actual proposals by professional anti-smokers, including those operating at the highest level, echo the breezy, pseudo-rational tone he adopts to propose a hideous denial of human rights. He has the fascism with a smiley face tactic down pat.

Our hat’s off to you, Chad! FORCES hopes that your professors recognize your obvious writing talent.



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