‘Free care for all without prejudice’: another socialist dream that failed. That is how the British National Health System was dreamily touted but what do we see? A financially, practically, and ethically inept system which uses epidemiological trash science to place the blame for its inadequacy on those who pay for it, its mistreated patients. Once again medicine becomes a tool for power and social blackmail.

In this Tonight with Trevor McDonald investigative documentary we can see a fulfilment of what FORCES has warned about for years. Fraud went unpunished. It was allowed to become the system. The fraudulent system does not merely act badly. It has become as arrogant as any schoolyard bully, petty, sneering, haughty, audaciously narcissistic. It now sees itself as a moral pole and has stiffened its stance accordingly. With nauseating self-righteous contempt the health establishment routinely abuses the public it was meant to serve.

For over 50 years the epidemiological fraud on smoking has gone unpunished amongst the indifference of the people, led to believe the incessant, simplistic rhetoric that “smoking kills,” as if smoking were the cause, the sole cause, the very synonym of death: as if we did not all die, as if nothing else mattered, as if eradicating smoking was the end-all and be-all of medicine and of society itself.

The most powerful opponent of this fantastic fraud – the tobacco industry – has been effectually eliminated, and bogus thinking has installed itself, as pseudo-science at first, then as ideology, then as politics. While victimising smokers at every turn, it is expanding to define others, such as overweight persons, as "lifestyle criminals."

Too few have responded and rarely have these responded strongly enough. Groups in defence of human dignity and freedom too often shrink from challenging the “authorities” who embrace the fear-mongering and tyrannical Healthist view. Critics try to appear "reasonable" to a clueless public by offering "honest debate" with an established tyranny which always imperiously responds that "the debate is over." The NHS is by now a firm Healthist establishment. This documentary tells the awful tale.

The tale is quite as sorry as anyone who understands Healthist psychology would expect. In perfect harmony with Healthist incoherence people who paid its demanded tributes as health care tax contributions are allowed to suffer and die in order to “create the best conditions for their recovery.” Appeals and petitions against barking mad medical decisions are tossed in the waste-paper basket with a yawn. Criticisms from public and press are haughtily brushed aside. The Healthists are in power. The debate is over. Patients are placed in Hell and critics are told to go there too.

It’s late in the day on this but not too late. We can still correct this situation and straighten up the system while punishing the guilty but two things are essential: the refuting of Healthist ideology and junk science, and the understanding that just complaining is not going to change anything: the message to the politicians and to certain medical associations must be made far clearer and stronger.




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