This piece by The Publican is worth reading if you want to have an idea of what the future is going to look like – if the "anti" agenda is not forcibly stopped, that is.

The piece especially gives you an idea of the technique used by healthists to further their agenda of suppression and prohibition. The first technique, for example, is to convert a baseless ideological assumption to an absolute given: “[the prohibition of alcohol] it’s not as straightforward as the smoking issue. Smoking being bad for you was not even a discussion, alcohol is more complex.”

Smoking is so bad that still not even one death can be scientifically demonstrated to be caused by smoking. The fact that “smoking is bad” is not (and has never been) a discussion is because of another reason: those who have the antismoking ideology don’t want to participate in discussions where their epidemiological trash science is put on the table, as it is an ideological dogma that admits no discussion – in the same way that the Koran and Muhammed cannot be the object of discussions for ultra-Islamic fundamentalists: they either bomb you or you bomb them.

Let’s carry on. Here is the other technique: “It’s not easy. We know we are up against probably the most powerful lobby there is – the drinks industry.”

The emotionally inverted technique here consists in showing the opponent as big and powerful, very much like what was done with the tobacco industry. By waving the red cape of the “monster enemy” (which of course is very evil, for it exists on the oxymoronic reality of killing its customers!), sympathetic people will feel once again the “solidarity mood” to help the weak but valorous heroes who have decided to destroy yet another industry, yet another way of life and yet another piece of culture in the name of their nihilistic ideology.

The technique certainly worked for tobacco so, why not use it again for alcohol prohibition? After all computers are cheap, and junk science software has been designed for smoking already. All you have to do is enter your science-less beliefs and assumptions in them as numbers, press “Enter” – et voilà – the output is the number of virtual deaths and “costs to society”. It’s that simple. A few state and pharmaceutical grants will do the rest, and the social fraud and social engineering will carry on smoothly.

Despite our emotions on this issue, we have to objectively say that the healthist scum is doing the right thing: as long as its victims put up with it, in fact, that is exactly what the victims deserve. It may not be “fair” but it’s exactly what is happening.



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