For a while it looked like coffee had been let off the hook. More recently has come a barrage of junk science “attributions” based on risks as ridiculously low as those of passive smoking (and with the same trashy data gathering methodology) that attempts to paint java as — yikes! — the new tobacco!
In the temporary absence of shark lawyers hunting the coffee industry (perhaps most lawyers and healthist ideologues like coffee, so coffee was a last choice as a hazard to health), and in the presence of some donations by the coffee industry to universities for "research" on something other than their product, the epidemiological paranoia generators were switched off to coffee for a while.

However the industry of fear never rests. Misfortunes of life always need “scientific” explanations. Researchers always need more grants. Therefore epidemiological "perils" circle with the winds and often alight where they hadn’t before. It just goes round and round and on and on.

The childish thinking underlying it all believes that if we eliminate all "causes" of disease and death we will live forever in a state of glowing pink vibrancy. Setting aside that severe mental disease, as a practical matter, here comes an interesting epidemiological tic that links coffee to miscarriage.

Interviews regarding unverified memories abound in this fantastic epidemiological piece of garbage. It has all the rancid aroma of a passive smoking study. Of course the "experts" have dandily specific "results" for us: “Li said the 200 mg limit can be considered a cutoff point where the miscarriage risk starts to emerge because the median consumption of the high caffeine intake group was 301 mg per day.”

Women, pay attention: 200 milligrams. If you love your child, don’t "expose" him to 201. The precision of numbers as always gilds the guesswork of epidemiological dimwits.

Our advice: have coffee, have a cigarette if you like, have wine with a good rich dinner too. Pregnant women should practice moderation in all things. They do not need to stop living or envelop themselves in a cocoon for nine months. "Lifestyle epidemiology" is a sickness. That everyone should avoid.



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