Traveling is becoming more and more impossible if you smoke and are trying to get around the US. There are two choices: Flying, where there are no smoking lounges and you may be groped by the TSA, unacceptable! Or driving, what hotel chain can you smoke in? Or smoke and have pets?

The hospitality industry is not friendly to smokers these days and they wonder why they are losing business. If 20% of Adults smoke and another 10% are married to smokers that is least 30% of the population or more they are thumbing their nose at.

That is a large percentage of the population, not a tiny number as the anti’s want you to believe. I see plenty of people smoking in their cars at rush hour, usually with the windows open and their hand dangling out the window. Smokers exist and we are not second class citizens, we pay taxes just like everyone else and should be treated as such. What to do? We found a website that might help you Smokers-United.



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