Alberta truckers are fed up with the interference of “public health” even in their trucks.
Kneel down and show respect for the nanny state and it's health "authorities".The new anti-smoker law in Alberta considers trucks a workplace, so smoking is forbidden, yes, even when the trucker is alone.

Clearly, this part of the plan of the antismoking bastards to persecute smokers. Even if the nasty law cannot possibly be enforced, it has been put in place to make drivers feel guilty or edgy — even when he smokes alone in his vehicle. It’s all part of propagating that “smoking is no longer acceptable”, so when you smoke, you have to be "circumspect".

Get THIS message, antismoking bastards: YOU are no longer acceptable. We are sick and tired of your epidemiological frauds, your paternalism, your Nazi attitude, your arrogance, your pinheaded stupidity, and especially your nauseating hatred. We shall pay you back in kind.

We will disobey your fascist law. We will smoke in our cars, trucks, homes, offices too, and in your faces. You can take your pseudo-moralism, your ideology, your statistical trash and your smoking bans, and put them back where they originated. Yes, there.

We will smoke and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that you can do about that — even if you have an army, never mind your present and oafish antismoking Gestapo. We defy you. Oh yes we hate you too.

By the same token, we will eat and drink to our heart’s content – everything you lecture against – ever more the more you lecture, and ban. Our bodies are ours. Get used to our cigarettes, beers, and hamburgers. The more you push, the more of us will push you, harder all the time.



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