It is all over the news. The famous British pub super-chain Wetherspoon is hurting because of the smoking ban. We at FORCES are, of course, not surprised by this because we know that smoking bans hurt trade and economies all over the world.

The results are self-evident despite the carefully orchestrated information control and news gag imposed by the ministries of “health” and their collaborating media lackeys.

It is always the same old formula, delivered in every nation to the gullible hospitality industry, which is educationally and financially unequipped to fight the antismoking fraud. After conning the population about the false dangers of second hand smoke, health “authorities” and antismoking activists proceed with phase II of the fraud by saying that their studies predict a boost of sales after the smoking ban. Since that assurance is coming from the (corrupt) authorities (whose feathers better be not ruffled, as they are very powerful) too, the BS is swallowed by most. The industry is then split into a dumb majority that does not care about property rights and believes the “authorities” and a smart minority that defends liberty and autonomy whilst finding out that the “dangers” of passive smoking are a fraud. But majority rules.

Phase III of the scam consists of another technique used by the grifters to substantiate their predictions. They lobby a small percentage of the industry to have its locales go 100% antismoking before the ban. Click here for an ad hoc example — and look at the idiotic smiles of the managers, proudly posing beside the antismoker signs. Inevitably, those businesses show a sales boost, and the testimonials of the owners are used as objective proof to convince everybody that supporting bans is a thrifty business move. However, the only thrifty guys are the antismoking cons.

Why? Because antitobacco is indeed a science – that of the equivocal, where the peculiar is projected as the general.

It is inevitable that, after years of relentless, false information supported by millions of public and pharmaceutical dollars, a certain percentage of the population ends up believing the propaganda. The fear of the “dangers” of second hand smoke induces a few ex-smokers and non smokers to “hate” smoking and, of course, the scent of tobacco. It goes without saying that only the hysterical few are reported by the mass-media lackeys. It is therefore natural that, when some locals put on the market a 100% antismoking environment, a minority of brainwashed people rushes to populate them.

In the small scale, therefore, the experiment is successful. That success is used by the antismoking cons as conclusive proof that antismoker environments are the popular demand. Owners are impressed by the profits of the few and want them too, betrayed by the linear equation antismoking = money. They therefore drop any opposition (“Who cares if second hand smoking is a fraud and institutions are rotten? And see if I give a damn about rights, I am here to make money”!), accept/support the ban – and fall right into the trap so intelligently set by the putrid tandem public health-antismoking activists.

The trap is that no smoking venues satisfy and attract a small corner market artificially induced by fraudulent campaigns run by the health authorities on the dangers of passive smoking. A seven-percent no smoking local in a city may be tantamount to a gold mine (as long as antismoking propaganda is sustained, that is, with millions of public dollars); but one hundred percent no smoking locales imposed by law turns into a universal economic disaster.

That is for three reasons:

1- The already existing non-smoking locales lose their non smoking peculiarity. That shifts the choice of customers to different parameters (service, quality of foods, location, etc.).

2 – The promise that all those poor non smokers who are locked in their homes by the “dangers” of second hand smoke and who would mob the locals should the smoke be removed is false — right along with the junk science “studies” that predict the phenomenon and are waved by the health “authorities” in the gullible face of the hospitality industry.

3 – The statement that the “overwhelming majority” (have you noticed that everything in the antismoking trash is overwhelming? Evidence, majorities, popular approvals…) wants smoking bans (and therefore antismoking locales) is also false. The preference of the non smokers (usually induced by propaganda) for an environment without smoke is portrayed as support for smoking bans. That is often achieved by pools through intelligently crafted questions in astutely selected population areas (let’s not forget that the whole antismoking fraud is based on questionnaires: they are easy to manipulate). But, in reality, the truly overwhelming majority of non smokers does not care whether the local is smoking or not. Non smokers in general care far more for good food, beer, shows – and to stay with their friends, whether smoking or not.

So, now the results of the umpteenth antismoking deception (a niche market portrayed as universal market) are coming home to roost – for Wetherspoon and for the entire industry, which can now enjoy the results of kissing the ass of the fraudsters in public health. In the meantime, we drink and eat – and smoke! – at home. Of course this glaring reality will be denied. Since, after the trash questionnaiers, antismoking is based on attributions, with the same ease that cancer is "attributed" to passive smoking the financial fluctuation will be "attributed" to economy, cost of labour, weather and so on — certainly not to the smoking ban! At the same time the projections of the "experts" will be that the economy will "adjust" and smokers will "get used to it" as a smokescreen to blind people and investors, and keep them from applying pressure for a ban reversal. That will be phase IV of the scam.

You know something? We have already discovered how many more cigarettes we can buy with the money we save. And – just between us smokers – the food and the beer are a heck of lot better at a fraction of the price. On the other hand, our non smoking friends don’t seem to be bothered by their “domestic inhalations” of passive smoking. Therefore all is well with the world. Enjoy the smoking ban and the “clean air”, gullible entrepreneurs.

Or do something about making it “dirty” again.



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