From the ultra-“liberal” Huffington Post: “Compared to whites, for instance, African-Americans are more likely to die of a stroke, according to the American Heart Association. This, in fact, is probably the only time race is a legitimate question to raise this campaign season – and just one of several health question on voters’ minds.”
Purblind statistical obsession, a religious rite of Healthist ideology, blinds practitioners absolutely to every vestige of social decency. This nauseatingly Healthist-oriented article dissects US presidential candidate Barack Obama, and also John McCain, with reference to “lifestyle epidemiology.” Stress is placed on Obama’s quarter century habit of up to a half pack of cigarettes a day which of course the politically correct candidate says he has righteously abandoned. The article’s author, Attorney Jeff Stier, an associate director of the American Council on Science and Health, shudders at the non-issue of moderate tobacco use, and then proceeds in classic eugenic goose-step to the appalling statement quoted above.

Many of our readers are familiar with the origins of “lifestyle epidemiology.” The man considered the originator of modern statisticalism was British statistician Francis Galton. The narcissistic and highly neurotic Galton coined the word “eugenics,” promoted the hateful pseudo-science to a hatefully receptive world, predicted that his debased philosophy of statistics would become a worldwide “religion” (his word), and in his old age established the Galton School of Eugenics at the University of London. His two protégés, rivals with each other, Karl Pearson and Ronald Aylmer Fisher, became the first two successive chairmen of the Galton School. Galton’s disciples refined his sick numerology into the pervasive ideology that tragically continues its worldwide spread to this day under the name of “lifestyle epidemiology.”

What twenty-first century disciple Jeff Stier cares to do to African-Americans is exactly and precisely what was done to them, and to others around the world, by the “politically correct” and "progressive" statisticians of our grandfathers’ days. If African-Americans are more prone to stroke, according to the American Heart Association or any group of debased statistics worshippers, this would be for an imponderable complex of reasons, very certainly in large part because many blacks in America live in socially and economically deprived conditions, brought on and perpetuated by the kind of people who state that blacks are unfit, according to statistical pseudo-science. Racists have always “proved” their superiority by pointing at the dismal, general and statistical results of racism, on its victims: be these poor health, shorter life, lower educational and professional attainment, higher rates of criminal prosecution, and tragically on and on.

Nobody is unfit to be president of the United States because of his race. Bug-eyed statisticalism does not render despicable racism “a legitimate question to raise this campaign season.” Barack Obama, as anyone else, should be judged according to his individual merits, never according to statistics on others “of his kind.” This is trash. It is gravely insidious and perfectly intolerable. Stier meanders otherwise in statistical delirium. McCain is an older man so the eugenicist worries about the figures he sees on life expectancy tables. As mentioned, Obama smoked rather lightly, but more than enough to give Stier a jittering fit of numerical neurosis.

Older men than McCain have held the office. He shows no signs of debility. Barack Obama is forty-six and athletic. Denying smokers the presidency would have denied us the majority of those who held the office in the twentieth century. Only one amongst these has suffered a stroke in office: Woodrow Wilson (a non-smoker, and yes, he was white too.) Our twenty-first century president, George W. Bush, also enjoys a cigar. John McCain, by the way, smoked cigarettes as a younger man but apparently Stier missed this “cause for alarm.”

Statistical madness knows no bounds. Mister Stier incidentally cites the case of fitness icon Jim Fixx who died at fifty-three: and blames the death on Fixx’s smoking of twenty years previous. The message, that smokers are irredeemable, recalls eugenicist Hitler’s fevered exclamations that Jews who converted to Christianity were the most insidious racial poison of all. It also recalls the recent proclamations of Action on Smoking and Health’s John Banzhaf that anyone who ever smoked should be considered unfit for equal medical treatment and also considered liable to prosecution for murder with depraved indifference to human life.

If we must have compassion for madness, please give full vent to your disgust with madness of this monstrous ilk, in sheer defense of sanity and decency. Anybody can die in the next minute. McCain and Obama (Hillary escapes eugenic examination here: perhaps Stier favors her) appear physically fit. That is all that matters on that score.

All three currently viable candidates pay public obeisance to today’s eugenic poobahs. That matters to us. It’s got to stop. Barack Obama has feigned contrition for his sin of tobacco indulgence. Would he now care to apologize to Jeff Stier, and his Health Council, and the Heart Association, for being black? Will he appeal that he may be fit for consideration, because he quit cigarettes, and he’s half white too? This sort of trash should make Senator Obama angry. Eugenicists should always make all of us very angry.

The Galton School of Eugenics at the University of London quietly changed its name in 1988 to the Galton Laboratory. It’s still up and running, as is its poisoned philosophy, throughout academia, the press, politics, extensively corroding our societies. Eugenics stopped speaking its name. Too many grew wise to the name. The Holocaust helped with that. Sadly too few understand the perpetuation of Galton’s statistical “religion” in its modern euphemistic forms.

We at FORCES do not care who your mother or father were, or where they came from, and we don’t give a damn if you smoke or you don’t, either. We hate the disciples of statistical hate. Understand why. Never capitulate to this madness and never show it a single grain of respect. Help us to destroy it.



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