The United Kingdom has once again outdone itself in cruelty and vindictiveness! THREE children have been snatched right out of their parents homes and put into council care because they are too FAT.

Social workers say the parents are guilty of neglect. And this is just the tip of the iceberg as London Lambeth Council wants to monitor children from birth so that any deviations from the norm can be detected Whose norm? Who gets to tell your children that they aren’t "normal"? Eugenics at it’s worst and the UK follows in the footsteps of Adolph Hitler and his thugs. One must ask oneself when permission will be granted to even HAVE children. Very soon the day will come when the UK will require people to be "tested" before they are allowed to conceive. Wake up, England! You’ve already allowed Sir Winston Churchill to be stricken from the school curriculums and now it is legal forcibly to take children from their homes. If the parents refuse these kidnappings and the child gets fat, that alone will be considered a form of child abuse.

Suppose you are one of these "fat" kids. You grow up and into a normal weight. But you’ve spent your childhood in "care", never knowing the love of your parents. Would you not be resentful?

I don’t believe any consideration is taken as to how traumatized these children will turn out to be when they become adults. Consider firstly the stigma of being "obese" (whatever that means) and secondly being placed in "care" and third, forced into some kind of stringent and horrible diet. The psychological aspects of this situation defy belief.

Canada used to snatch babies away from "unwed mothers" back in the 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s. And then place them (sell them?) to perfect people (who could afford them). An ugly practice then and now. The United Kingdom echos this Canadian practice but with older children.

These kidnappings MUST stop.



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