A Church of England bishop compares those who don’t accept the global warming hoax with the worst of child abusers.
The fanaticism with which the true believers embrace the scientific frauds festering in our culture is frightening to behold. A case in point is the Right Reverend Gorden Mursell, Bishop of Stafford. Bishop Mursell in a pastoral letter to churchgoers lectured his readers that a refusal to "face the truth about global warming" is as reprehensible as abusing children. He in fact compared such sceptics of the global warming hoax to Josef Fritzl who recently was discovered to have imprisoned his own daughter for 24 years in a dungeon under his house in Austria. From this abused child he fathered seven children, three of whom had never left the dungeon until the discovery of this despicable criminal.

Facing public outrage Rev. Mursell claims he wasn’t trying to shock people with his preposterous analogy but only wanted to make a point that immediate action is needed to preserve our world for our children and grandchildren. Baloney. The bishop is just like anti-tobacco zealots who call for the imprisonment of recalcitrant smokers then claim that they really didn’t mean it but were just so worked up about the horrors of tobacco that they let their emotions get in the way of the intellect. As a typical product of this sick culture, Rev. Mursell does believe that those who dare question the anthropogenic climate change orthodoxy must be relegated to the fringes of society. The head of the sociology department at the University of Kent understands very well the bishop and all the adherents of the global warming cult:

"Focusing on the current anxieties about the future of the planet is a fruitful way of rediscovering Satan. Demonologists in pre-modern times argued that scepticism about witchcraft was a form of heresy that had to be punished. Now, scepticism towards the received wisdom on global warming, or on public health issues such as Aids, is described as ‘denial.’ Denial has been transformed into a generic evil. History shows that crusades against heretics and demons have a nasty habit of disorienting society and undermining civilised and humanist behaviour."

It’s no secret that climate change has achieved the status of an alternative religion whose acolytes metaphorically cast disbelievers into eternal flames. The bishop should quit the Church of England and join the cultists with whom he has so much in common. He has performed a vital service, however, in illustrating the insanity of those who follow the false god of the version of science practiced by the racketeers that, unfortunately, seem to rule the world.



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