Tobacco Control has a big problem. Unlike epidemiological junk science, where trash “scientists” always come up with the “right” results for the right money, trash science for economic matters is much harder to produce.

True, we do have audacious con men such as Stanton Glantz who opportunistically pass themselves off as economists after making their bones constructing cardiology and secondhand smoke studies but these obviously unqualified shills are not credible on economics to even the most foolish citizen who has embraced the healthist religion.

So information like this from the United Kingdom keeps on coming up. Granted: public health and actual evidence are concepts as alien from each other as public health is from actual health. However, while the British public health continues to say that “all is well” as far as smoking bans and economy goes, the crushing reality is that the British pubs have been made valueless by the smoking bans.

Read this while you have a beer and a cigarette at home.



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