British ‘public health’ criminals cancelled the lady’s operation for a painful foot condition because the doctor ‘smelled smoke on her breath.’
‘ "I went to outpatients at Workington," Mrs Easterbrook said. "The doctor came and shook hands and immediately said he could smell smoke. He then looked at my foot — it would have been 20 seconds at the most, and told me the operation would not go ahead because I smoked. I was shocked. I started to cry and couldn’t stop." Husband Brian said his wife was humiliated by the incident and made to feel like a second-class citizen.’

You bet. That was the intent of the bastard doctor. Never mind crying and feeling humiliated, Mrs Easterbrook — that is exactly what the bastard doctor wanted, and God knows how important he felt, just like a god in fact. Don’t gratify the bastard, sue him instead, and drag him to court along with his hospital. Next time, he will do his duty, and no blackmail. He decided to show you who’s boss. Straighten him out about that.

Straight thinking, and direct action, are what’s required here. The Easterbrooks — and all British smokers — should stop filing income tax returns. If the bastards of the NHS endorse the hospital — and they will — they will once again illustrate that smokers pay into the NHS for the advantage of … whom? Non-smokers! Fair deal? Certainly not! There is only one way to make governmental ‘public health’ hear us: hit them where it hurts — in the wallet.

Non-smokers will be entitled to benefit from our money — and that of the tobacco taxes, by the way — when we are entitled to benefit as we are due. It works two ways. If they don’t want to pay for our maladies then there is no reason for us to pay for theirs. By the way, two out of three cancers occur in non-smokers, how’s that for a cost to society? The worst cost of all is that imposed on humanity by Healthism. For that these doctors should pay dearly.



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