According to the USSR-style propaganda of British public health, the smoking ban in the UK has been a great success and everybody is happy. But that, of course, is false information.

Unfortunately, falsification is the norm nowadays when health institutions set about "educating" the public. These groups have completely dedicated themselves to cultural and social engineering through propaganda. It is therefore our job to tell you the rest of the story.

This is what public health says about the British smoking ban, which is exactly what we predicted.

“First anniversary of England’s smokefree law shows public ready to accept even stronger tobacco control measures”

Not surprisingly, the information comes from a fascist medical web site, and quotes self-financed polls (read: indirect financing by Big Pharma, and ASH is the orchestrator, can you believe the objectivity?… ) that show, of course, that the British are ready to embrace a good chunk of the Nazi ideology that their fathers fought 60 years ago. If you wonder why over 50% of the medical class were volunteer members of the Nazi Party in Germany, just read this page and you get some insight into the psychology of these sorts of people.

Below is an account of what is really happening because of the ban: economic devastation and serious discontent that goes unreported by a mass-media so afraid of losing its pharmaceutical advertisement, and getting harassment from public health bastards and pharmaceutical activists that it has become a limp puppet. Are we prepared to do anything other simply take this?

Pub closures set to accelerate, says accountancy firm (stored copy)

Smoke ban gets trade thumbs down (stored copy)

Smoking ban leaves pubs worse for wear (stored copy)



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