As a matter of public record we inform our readership about the Tobacco Manufacturers Association document sitting on the Scottish Parliament web site, demonstrating with hard scientific analysis that the dangers of passive are a fraud.
The document, of course, was ignored by the Health Committee although extremely accurate and precise.
The Scottish Parliament – like that of all the countries that have signed the WHO’s Tobacco Framework Convention, has decided to ignore the total lack of scientific evidence and to proceed with the public fraud that passive smoking represents a danger for health. That is to promote the general concept that prohibition = public health – a concept that will be useful for all kind of statistical frauds and governmental social controls in the future in many fields. Nevertheless, this document is useful because it not only demonstrates the radical corruption of public authority, but also offers tools for the general debunking of the junk science that multifactorial epidemiology really is. It’s a document that therefore must be kept for consultation – to help you understand how you will be conned the next time “public health” moves its lips. In the meantime, enjoy the prohibition – and remember that an end to it can only come about by forceful political action against the industry of fraud.
Click here for a pdf copy of the document



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