Studies on passive smoking junk science are hardly worth reporting anymore because we know that they are all a fraud. Here is another.

“In a population-based study of 1,209 women in Beijing, China, researchers found a 67 percent increased risk of PAD in those exposed to secondhand smoke compared to those who were not exposed. The women were 60 years and older and had never smoked. Of these women, 39.5 percent were exposed to secondhand smoke at home or in the workplace.”

“Secondhand smoke exposure was defined as exposure to another person’s tobacco smoke for at least 15 minutes daily for more than one day every week for at least two years during the past 10 years.”

Well, as we have “studies” that say that a few seconds of passive smoking exposure can “cause” a heart attack, this seems to be quite optimistic… 15 minutes a day for more than one day a week and for at least two years?… Not bad!…

Seriously, this is the usual trash for the usual fundamental reason: how was exposure measured? It was not. How did they find out? With questionnaires about distant memories; the recollections of the women become precise numbers. The implicit theory here being that by averaging all the errors in memories from the various people, the resulting output is a small error. Mmhh… It does not square? You bet it doesn’t, it’s a fraud!

The rest of the article is just propaganda describing the effect of the disease rather than the causality that cannot be established with passive smoking exposure.

Smoke away and don’t pay any attention to this – except for one thing: "studies" such as this reveal the degradation of the public health authorities, who want the public to believe that this is science. The production of swill demonstrates the degradation of corrupt scientists whose contempt for actual science is breathtaking.



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