The latest junk science relationship has been “established” by the “health experts”: the presence of fast food stores makes you fat. The implication is clear…

… Regulate them to extinction in the name of “public health”!

It is quite logical (and there is no need for a “study” to figure it out) that availability of something (anything at all desirable) inevitably leads to its consumption. The cancerous concept that “studies” such as this one establish, however, far exceeds the scope of the issues the “studies” explore. A principle that is at the foundation of each and every tyranny – especially of the Communist kind – is established, to wit: the elimination of choice, free market, and free enterprise. Both Communists and “public health” believe that by artificially controlling the market, you can tailor the population for optimal results – and the failure of Communist systems everywhere has put not one dent in that faith. On the other hand, the certainty that the “faith” will ultimately fail is only partial consolation for the present-day victims of that faith, who must fight the iron fist the faith wields against them, through what may be a long war.

In this case, the “optimal results” sought are fascistic laws mandating behavioural changes ordained by doctors and medical associations – and, of course, by the pharmaceutical interests behind them – to make the perfect waistline a legal requirement.

As per procedure, the “public health Communists” must display good faith by being “surprised” by the results they worked so hard to manufacture: "We were surprised by the strength of the relationship, but we weren’t surprised to find that there was a relationship … This [the fast food chains] has been a likely culprit that has been discussed quite a bit over the last few years. This provides support for that view."

It certainly does – especially when the junk was plainly concocted to support that view. These are the techniques of eugenics. Say that we want to ”establish” that members of one race are far more inclined to theft than those of another to suit a racist agenda. If we select the appropriate cities, and ethnic neighborhoods steeped in poverty, we can easily show that there is a preponderance of thefts where there is a preponderance of the racial target. We have established no causality, of course – but we sure have shown that we are racists with an agenda. Ditto for any target group you choose – from smokers to Jews, from drinkers to fatsos. Epidemiological trash science is a perfect tool to pave the way to social control agenda without these cons having any responsibility.

Therefore we are not at all surprised – actually, we would have been utterly surprised by the opposite outcome. Already the trash “public health” Communists have been successful in fooling people into hysterical views on smoking, and convinced them to hate the tobacco industry, and to hide their products in stores. When will we see bans on displays of candies and chocolate bars? Soon, very soon. When will we start seeing bans on fast food stores and food advertisement? Very, very soon. The sky is the limit for the “public health” criminals and the trash science they mass-produce to support themselves. The economic and cultural mutilations that they cause rarely enter their consciousness, and when forced upon them, still concern them not at all. Fanaticism is fanaticism.

As long as we stay idle, nothing will change except that things will get worse, much worse. Images of health police coming to your home complete with warrants to check your fridge for the “correct” food and your apartment for hidden illegal substances such as tobacco and alcohol no longer belong to dystopian science fiction novels on a gloomy future. Such actions are already planned steps in the files of the social engineers of the World Health Organization (and in the files of the ministry of health near you) to be implemented at the proper time.

Unless “public health” is forcibly stopped it simply will not stop. So, if you don’t want that dystopian future, what are you prepared to do? Hint: “not believing” that the above scenario is exactly what is going to happen may justify your sloth, but it will not change what is going to happen. We repeat: fanaticism is fanaticism, and it thrives as often before in history, now in our own times.



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