Unbelievably, there is a bill in the Dutch parliament which would force mothers deemed "unfit" to take contraceptives and if that edict is defied, the newborn infant will be taken away from them.

We, at FORCES, deplore today’s eugenicists who operate in exactly the same manner as they did 60 years ago.

Who will be deemed "unfit", we ask? And who will make the decision as to who is "unfit"? By what criteria will a woman be deemed "unfit"? Will it be because she smokes? Or because her skin is a little too dark? Or just because somebody in power just doesn’t like her? What is "unfit" anyway?

We can imagine the objection of the fool, the naïve and of he who is in bad faith: “What would you to do a woman who tortures her child?” Don’t fall for that. It is the excuse of all the most despicable tyrants, and the explanation to all the most despicable fools. How many mothers actually torture their children? One in 10 million, or perhaps one in 100 million? And for mothers like that there are already punishments in the law.

That excuse – bringing forward the exceptional and the unusually dangerous to justify oppression – is used to establish, once again, another milestone of that Nazism that governments and loathsome individuals have decided to bring back in full force: the state owns your body – and that of your children. It has nothing to do with the "protection of the child".

As we said a million times, that ideology – the same ideology at the foundation of smoking bans, believe it or not – cannot be accepted “partially”, for that is impossible, and it will take over society completely. It has to be annihilated in all its manifestations and with whatever means is necessary, for the cost that it will impose to the world is greater than any expense conceivable.



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