Smoking could kill a billion people this century! So screams the headline just out of the World Health Organization.

“Tobacco is a defective product. It kills half of its customers," Douglas Bettcher, head of the WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative, said at the start of an international conference in Bangkok to draw up a “master plan” for the world to kick the habit.
“A defective product” – as opposed to what, a perfect product?… Could Mr. Bettcher come off the throne and give us a description of a product that is not “defective” (thus presumably perfect)? Furthermore, can Mr. Bettcher prove one of the billion deaths he is babbling about? Otherwise, the only “defective” product we can see is his head – and the computer fantasies and absolutist philosophy he represents.
The philosophy is summed up in the chilling word "master plan" in this article. It reeks of Germany in the 1940s when Hitler had his "master plan" to eliminate Jews. The focus of the master plan has changed now to smokers, the drive to select and mould people to create a more perfect world as conceived in the heads of a self-appointed elect is being done in a "benign" mode, but the plan is still one of total power and control over billions of people, as a WORLDWIDE initiative. It is not only smokers who need to take heed – it is every single person on this planet! Never doubt for one minute that after smokers would be eliminated they will be coming for YOU.
It is no coincidence that the "global" health and behaviour control movement is afoot at a time when there is increased economic and cultural stress in western society, with an accompanying tolerance for brutal and simplistic "solutions". Such times, historically speaking, produce the social phenomenon of scape-goating.



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