More scientific fraud and ‘creative interpretations’ in England to serve the government’s prohibitionist intents to widen the smoking ban.

An “authoritatively” ludicrous study produced by Bristol University’s Institute of Child Life and Health, is nothing more than a meta-analysis and data crunching of 21 recycled studies that in turn proved nothing. Meta-analyses (studies of the studies) are NOT scientific studies, and they are widely used by “public health” to politically boost weak and not significant previous “studies” that do not prove any causality. This is because meta-analyses lend themselves to manipulation quite well.

The fraud in question concerns SIDS (cot death) and, of course, smoking.

Let it be totally clear that the scientific cause of SIDS is absolutely and positively UNKNOWN to date, and this study proves absolutely nothing. Bristol University is shamelessly lending its authority to the government agenda to further the fraudulent belief that passive smoking is harmful, and to press the prohibition issue. Here are a few quotes. How’s this for violent rhetoric by professional cons that should serve time (…and not in universities)?

"Given the power that tobacco addiction holds over its victims, there is grave concern as to whether it will be a successfully modifiable risk factor without fundamental changes in tobacco availability to vulnerable individuals,"


“It even suggests a possible move to try to ban pregnant women from getting tobacco altogether” (and establish that the state – not the prospective mother – has rights and the control here)


[Dr Peter Blair says that] ‘ban on smoking in public places must not result in an increased exposure of infants or pregnant woman at home – smoking in their presence should be seen as being "anti-social, potentially dangerous, and unacceptable" ‘

Parents, time to tell it like it is: these people are liars and sociopaths who cannot prove anything they say scientifically. That’s the very reason why they refuse public scientific debates. Not only you should keep on smoking if that’s what you want to do, you should get active politically – because when fraud becomes an institution and professional cons become “the voive of science”, their power to rule your home and your personal life – including your family and your children – will be absolute. It’s a process that’s well on its way already.

How many times do we have to be beaten with a stick to get it? The scientific integrity and ethics of these people evaporated long ago. Their moral integrity is questionable to say the least, and their “authority” and especially their power must be taken away – politically – with whatever means are necessary. Make no mistake, this is a political matter and it has nothing to do with anybody’s health – so it has to be dealt with politically. There is no doubt left whatsoever that these gangsters want your children, your home and your existence. They’re hiding behind trash science and proclaiming “best interest of the child” – to not only take your children away from you, but to degut citizens of autonomous decision-making over their private and public lives.

… What more do you need to see, apart from some social worker showing up at your door with the police to take your child away from you? The time for debate indeed is over. Now it’s the time for direct confrontation: freedom against oppression, lies against truth, conmanship against integrity.



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