We link to TSC for the latest update on the tax on cigarettes to finance the Children’s Health Insurance Program with the money of smokers ONLY, and giving them in exchange a spit in the face every day as a sign of gratitude.

Interesting the citation on top of the page.
"The taxes on smoking are being used to fund education, they’re being used to fund health care, they’re being used to fund real things. Now, if we eliminate smoking, does it mean that those things go away?" (Minnesota State Senator Tomassoni).
We deeply share the question Sen. Tomassoni asks but, unfortunately, we think we have the answer. It goes like this: those things will not go away. If we eliminate smoking, there will be a tax to “curb” alcohol. If we eliminate alcohol, there will be a tax to “curb” fat. If we all become vegetarians, the tax on gasoline will triple to “curb” emissions and global warming. It will always be in the name of health, and justified by “scientific authority” armed with junk science. Like locusts, healthists and environmentalists will find the way to devour everything, blinding us with the illusion of health. Locusts die for one of two reasons: they either run out of food because they have devastated everything, or they die because we have applied pesticide. In our case the pesticide is civil rebellion and de-legalization of junk science. Of course if we are afraid of the pesticide we can always console ourselves with the thought that the locusts will eventually die – after having us for dinner, that is.



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