We update this recent article including access to the study itself which has been newly added to our Scientific Portal. Read and weep. Public Health will kill us all in the cause of humiliating smokers if it has to.
It makes sense and it’s long been known that when smoking bans appear, smokers travel to find bars where they can smoke, legally or not. Now we have a study saying this is so based on drunk-driving reports and accidents.

Neither the news source, an Australian Healthist mouthpiece, nor the study authors suggest that highway carnage should dissuade from banning smoking. Members of the Healthist Master Race never really notice actual corpses. They are too interested in statistical "deaths," concocted by their eugenicist colleagues, to reinforce their narcissism and tyranny.

Indeed it can be expected this “startling revelation” about smokers seeking hospitable venues will lead to rhetoric demanding universal smoking bans so the smokers will have no place to go to anywhere. (Update note: In fact, as it turns out, the concluding section of the study itself hints at this.)

When it becomes apparent that folks will drive to smokeasies if all legal bars are smoke-free, well of course, drinking will have to be banned entirely.

Empowered fanatics seek final solutions. So it has gone and so it will go, until we stop the crazies, once again.

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Scientific Portal introduction with access to the full text of the study



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