A gathering of non-profit organizations, including lots of the Antis, appears at the change.org website. FORCES has decided to give visibility to our goals by setting up a page there. Let’s put ourselves "in their face." Visit and join the FORCES page at change.org to show your personal support of our goals. As a supporter of FORCES at change.org you are not implying that you support any other organization or group listed there. By the way, we are told Obama’s people are watching this site to gauge what issues the public really cares about, more reason to sign up with our page!

A personal message from Pat Glass:

Okay, listen up, everybody. Here’s your chance to make a difference! The change.org site is an influential site. Organizations are listed at change.org ranked according to their support at the site. FORCES is now on page two of the non-profit educational organizations’ rankings. Every one of you who joins (click the button near top right of page at www.change.org/forces to join) will help to put us onto page one of the rankings.

Do not delay. Join with us at change.org. The change.org page gives a message of our unity. Follow the link today and join officially (with no need to donate although that is welcomed too) to improve the visibility of FORCES and its cause.

I started this ball rolling a week ago with personal calls to freedom advocates. Improvement of the FORCES page ranking is already in progress. We had twenty-one supporters after only two days. A few days later we are beyond fifty. We are now a few steps down on the second page of the educational organization rankings. Put us onto page one. Come on supporters, sign up now.

We’d like to see a hundred supporters ASAP and will keep it growing beyond that. Three hundred would, at present, give us the highest ranking on the educational organization listing. If you really want to help out against the fanatical anti-smoking groups, go to change.org and proudly sign yourself up as a supporter. I’m hoping that within another week or so, we’ll make page one, and keep climbing on it. Make it happen!

UPDATE WEDNESDAY 21st JANUARY: Our readers have been responding since this posting was first made this past weekend. As of late on Tuesday we have already moved up — with 78 enrollments and counting — several steps on the first page of the educational organizations’ rankings (link) (stored link). Many of you have also generously donated your hard-earned money ($710 via change.org as of Tuesday.) That’s the spirit, keep it up, and sincere thanks to all of you who have or will join this display of solidarity.

UPDATE MONDAY 26th JANUARY: Keep up the good work. We’re over 100 strong in representation at change.org now, with more donations coming in too, so let’s keep rolling. Again, many thanks!


A message from the President of FORCES:

Some of you have contacted me and are rather confused as to why FORCES would be listed on a site with so many "nanny organizations" as change.org – please allow me to elaborate.

change.gov and change.org are the designated web sites for we citizens to communicate with the Obama Transition Team (OTT) – that is how the "system" was set up – and not by FORCES.

In order to change the system, we must work within the system.

The antis CLAIM we have NO SUPPORTERS, that the pubic does not agree with us, and we are just a small handful of tobacco company sympathizers not to be given any attention or credibility….

If everyone would "join" here, that could easily prove the antis wrong – again.

Imagine the reaction of Stanton Glantz and his lackies if FORCES were to have 300,000 people sign up on change.org…… or more… add another zero to that and FORCES could probably get an appointment to present our evidence to Daschel and/or Congress – that is how powerful "visible public support" is and we strongly encourage you to join FORCES on change.org for this reason alone. For much too long we have been the silent majority, turning the other cheek. If we do not unite now there are going to be several pieces of Federal legislation against the smokers, SCHIP and a national smoking ban are the tip of the iceberg. Your housing, your insurance, your job and many other aspects of your life are going to be directly affected by this Congress if we do not unite now. Talking to your local lawmakers and letters to the editor are no longer be enough – we must go National in a big way.

While neither FORCES nor myself agree in principle or morally with the missions of most of the other non profits on change.org – they are there for the same reason as FORCES: show public support to the OTT.

Joining FORCES on this site does not mean that you agree or disagree with any other organization listed there – it means you are willing to let the OTT know that you support the FORCES Mission.

Joining FORCES on this site does not mean that you support or agree with the new administration and/or its actions – it only means that you support the FORCES Mission.

I hope this makes it a little more clear as to why we have asked you to "join" FORCES on change.org and that you will do so soon..

Yours in FORCES,

Maryetta Ables, President



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