It appears an amendment to Nevada’s smoking ban, which will negate imposition of prohibition at bars that serve food, is likely to meet will full legislative passage. Mainstream media must be politically correct even when admitting to an advance for the cause of freedom. We are told at the top of the linked article that a state senator who had nasal cancer, John Lee, “said second-hand smoke causes cancer.” Never mind that this is not so. Prohibitionists like John Lee say so. That’s what got the bans passed in the first place. That’s the kind of scare today’s media loves dearly, and will keep touting, in the cause of reviving prohibitionist momentum.

Anti herself keeps at it too. The American Cancer Society, which never had much success lobbying the Nevada legislature, resorted to soliciting a petition to get the bans in. Now the Fascist group says it will try to stop easing of the ban by once again lobbying amongst legislators.

Evidently that won’t work. Not now anyway. This is good news. Don’t cheer too loudly though. Nevada legislators have eased the brakes on with regard to anti-smoking. They have not condemned its vicious fanaticism as they should. Restrictions on smoking still exist in Nevada which should not be there.

The Nevada lawmakers, in effect, give their “Sieg Heil” to Healthism in sotto voce and with a limp wrist. Still they give it. In Nevada, as everywhere, crazy Anti will keep screeching and swinging her big pocketbook, till she gets everything she wants. She means to control or destroy every smoker, everywhere, absolutely. This long war is far from over. Every plain, hill, and valley of the planet is under assault, every day. Nevada today shows mild preference for its higher ground. It will remain besieged.



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