Our regular readers are familiar with the fraud antismokers use to make you believe that smoking gives “black lung,” using either artificially tarred-up pig lungs or, easier yet, lungs that have been “touched up” with computers. Then they get pneumonologists or oncologists to tell you that your lungs are just like that. Al Gore and the global doomers have now been caught in a similar scam.

The idea of the "black lungs" is to get the fool to go: “Ooohh!”, whilst shivers run down his spine, inspiring him to become “useful”: the smoker must stop, and all must spread the word, "educate" about the threat, as holy missionaries! The manipulation of emotions at an elementary level has always been at the heart of the propaganda that all criminals – political, religious, environmentalists, or healthists – have used since time immemorial, to make us believe what they want.

In this case we are talking about another great fraud, that of anthropogenic global warming. The famous documentary by Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth, shows footage of immense glaciers, telling us they are receding, melting away because of evil mankind. That is to further depress the fools who have already been "educated" to feel guilty every time they turn their cars on. Somebody, however, noticed that the footage in the documentary was the same that was used for the catastrophist and purely fictional The Day After Tomorrow movie.

Brain-dead apologists would say, “Well, what’s wrong with using some footage twice?” Nothing at all – if only the footage was real! Here, as with the “smokers’ black lungs,” this is something that does not exist, as it is completely computer-generated. In short it is a fraud because the spectator is not told that the glacier (or the lung) is a fiction! In the news clip that exposes the fraud a representative of the company that made the computer animation is interviewed.

The gravest aspect is highlighted by the smiling representative herself, who says, “It was one hell of a shot. I think it’s great that he used it”, completely missing the gravity of the false representation. This point is picked up again by the host of the news clip, who also misses the target in full. “Is it wrong for a documentary to use a fabricated Hollywood shot to make a point, even if there is science behind it?”

It is wrong twice: first because the public was not told that it is fiction. Second – and even more important – because there is no science behind the point. There is no science behind anthropogenic global warming as there is no science behind antismoking propaganda. Not even one thousandth of a degree of the presumably increased global temperature can be scientifically proven to be caused by Man. Not even one death in the world can be scientifically proven to be caused by smoking. In both cases it is always and only junk science presented by dishonest and fanatical “experts” who abuse their positions for money and power, and who are put on pedestals instead of being thrown in jail for creating public panic and falsely representing the evidence to the public.

The question the host should have asked is this: “Is it wrong for a documentary to use a fabricated Hollywood shot to make a point, even when the point itself is a fraud?” Unfortunately we’ve got to the point that, when denouncing a fraud (the computer glaciers) we legitimize another one – that there is science behind anthropogenic global warming. These are the results when deception becomes culture. The news broadcaster says Gore and his production team did not respond to calls for an explanation. There is no explanation. Junk science Pinocchios have once again been caught in a lie. We call upon all of you to join us in the fight to restore rational public policy.

Click the link below for the news broadcast video.



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