The political hacks who infest our state houses continue to try to balance their bloated budgets by getting tough with smokers. Antis cheer as Governor Jon Huntsman proposes raising the tax on cigarettes by a whopping $2.30 a pack, from 70 cents to $3.00, as part of a plan to drop the sales tax on food purchases. There’s no word yet if lawmakers would remove the food tax in the lean budget year.

So which will it be? Get rid of the food tax and replace it with a cigarette tax, or just go ahead and add a cigarette tax, and keep the food tax in place? The double whammy wouldn’t surprise us.

In any case, smokers everywhere are learning to find cigarettes at fair prices: they are fed up with ludicrous taxes, they are fed up with thieving government and the Master Settlement Agreement, and they’re learning to fight back.



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