There is a bill in Utah which would, once again, discriminate against the poor who smoke. Republican Rep. Paul Ray has proposed that could become a first-in-the-nation state law imposing a higher co-payment for tobacco-using residents enrolled in Medicaid.

The American Lung Association opposes the proposed co-payment. There is no evidence that it would encourage smokers to quit, said Jennifer Singleterry, the association’s manager of cessation policy. Instead, low-income smokers on Medicaid would just have to pay more. "We feel that this is a punitive measure for smokers," she said.

Funny, they don’t seem to have any problem with promoting and lobbying for $1.00 or more in taxes on a pack of cigarettes in all 50 states. These people just can’t get it together, it is alright to discriminate if they get a chunk of the money but if the States reap the benefits they aren’t interested. This has never been about health it is about control.



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