Newly re-elected Chech Republic President Vaclav Klaus is interviewed on CNN by Glenn Beck.

Klaus is bravely active in combatting the vicious orthodoxy on "anthopogenic global warming" which he considers an anti-freedom movement comparable to the Communism under which he suffered most of his life.

Glenn Beck is quite an anomaly at politically correct CNN in covering anti-orthodox points of view.

The tenet that the world is heating up because of evil humans rivals that of "secondhand smoke kills" as a sacred writ of the health, safety, and environment religion.

Vaclav Klaus is absolutely right. This is vicious, anti-freedom, and anti-human ideology.

Worldwide action to restore the integrity of true science, and to wreck the influence of pseudo-scientific ideologues in establishing technocratic oppression, is urgently required.

This interview aired originally on 5 March 2008. Please click the link below to view.



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