The routine for test subjects at a new British smoking research centre is simple: 1. Provide data, 2. Drink your beer, 3. Smoke your cigarette, then repeat steps 2 and 3 throughout the rest of the evening. Located at the Cutting Edge Pub in Barnsley, England, the centre’s cutting edge research methods have “given business a shot in the arm,” says the pub’s landlady.

The local Anti authorities evidently do not approve. Kerry Fenton, the landlady and chief scientist at the Cutting Edge, says “it’s all in the name of research, legal and above board.”

It’s true that smoking is legal in research centres. We say all British pubs should devote themselves to science in like manner.

If they did, all together, this sort of very valid research could do a lot to help defeat the Anti religion of crap science and vicious oppression.

In the meantime, while ban defiance continues commonly on the sly in the UK, the publicity Kerry Fenton has received surely means she will herself face an Anti onslaught.

The article linked with notes drily, and conservatively, that more than two thousand British pubs succumbed to the smoking ban in just the past year. Obedience has meant financial death for many and misery for all.

God bless and good luck to Kerry Fenton. She’s not going to defeat the new Nazism alone. That’s going to take all of us with a determination to organise and fight this war effectively.



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