How many times have we heard that ventilation systems ‘do not work’ when it comes to the removal of passive smoking? Thousands. Here is visual proof of the umpteenth lie of Tobacco Control.

In reality Tobacco Control knows damn well that ventilation systems work perfectly. TC knows that, thanks to those systems, the air in a smoking environment is actually cleaner than outside air. Finally, TC is perfectly aware that, regardless of the efficiency of those systems, exposure to passive smoking is not and never has been a legitimate issue, because the quantity of toxic substances, even in very smoky rooms, is ridiculously small.

The "no effective ventilation" lie is necessary for the social engineering program to “make it difficult” for smokers to smoke so that they quit. As they are “addicted”, however, they can only quit with smoking cessation “therapies” produced by Big Pharma.

It is therefore logical – in a criminal way, of course – to deny the evidence that modern ventilation systems are perfectly adequate to remove over 99% of ETS, and state instead that “there is no safe level of exposure to passive smoking," so that even one harmless molecule is too much. That fits perfectly with the sick and fanatical ideology of Tobacco Control, as we know – and can allow bullshitters such as James Repace to say that it takes tornadoes to remove passive smoking!

That brings us to this short and simple video. Just look and ask yourself: whom do you believe, “public health” and James Repace — or your eyes?



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