Regardless that the quantities of toxins in passive smoking are small enough to be harmless and that the credo that “there is no safe level of exposure to passive smoke” is a bad joke meant to further prohibition policies, there is no question that – given the psychological situation created by antismoking propaganda – the smell of tobacco has become a real annoyance for some.

It must be noted that passive smoking was not even noticed by non smokers thirty years ago because they were not subject to the hammering effects of propaganda. Thus they considered the scent of tobacco as "normal".

This meta-analysis of studies by the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) highlights the most feared (thus hated and “prevented”) fact by prohibition advocates: that ventilation and air conditioning systems are actually effective in removing all passive smoking and its scent. In fact, it is exactly for that reason that the “there is no safe level of exposure” slogan was manufactured. The antismoking advocates know well that no machine can be 100% efficient, as that is a physical impossibility; so, the “no safe level” applies to machines that can actually remove, according to certain claims, up to 99.7% of the substances, since the 0.3% that is residual from an absolutely infinitesimal amount of toxins in the first place still constitutes a risk for “health”, as the only number acceptable is 0.00!

Not only is Tobacco Control a mass producer of scientific and statistical frauds; it is also hypocritical. Just like its predecessor in the Twenties, it wants prohibition but – unlike its predecessor – it does not even have the courage to openly admit that it wants it. Therefore it cowardly hides behind the finger of health and “absolute zero” for a gullible public played with fears and false information, that loves to delude itself to be "progressive" and anti-prohibitionist — to the point of redefining repression, control and prohibition as "freedom from"! How much more hypocritical can we get?

Even plutonium, the most toxic substance known, has a safe level of exposure established by several atomic energy commissions — but not environmental tobacco smoke. It follows, inevitably, that ETS is more toxic than plutonium. However, that is disproved by the mere fact that so many active smokers (who, for obvious reasons, are more exposed to ETS than any passive smoker) are still alive and well after four or five decades of exposure.

As we said, the "dangers" of ETS are a bad joke based on junk science and a lot of sheer dishonesty.

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