We present an opinion piece by Pat Glass regarding US Veterans’ Day.

US Veterans’ Day occurred Monday 11 November. On this day Americans remember all the brave men who fought for our rights in the many wars foisted upon us world-wide. There were broadcasts, parades, and banners extolling the bravery of both young and old Veterans, just as it should be. Yet, if one of those veterans lit a cigarette, as he has done all his life, he could be removed from whatever honorary function he attended. Why? Because special interest groups do not honor our veterans.

The Madison City Council offices in Alabama have a huge banner still hanging therein exclaiming how much they honor veterans. I suggest they remove this banner immediately. Many veterans attended meetings when the Council was forcing its smoking ban ordinance on them and many were outraged. Some spoke out.

The Veterans’ Memorial Museum in Huntsville, Alabama, is forced to have an ugly international "no smoking" sign on its entryway, even though the men who work there to restore and maintain the planes, tanks, and artillery are in many cases smoking volunteers.

Is it not ironic that our ostensibly most esteemed members of society are being manipulated, coerced, and engineered into a mold they never wanted, never asked for, and fought against in the Second World War?



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