Within or without the law, with or without a liquor license, veterans will continue drinking and smoking in their Ottumwa, Iowa club, says the post’s leader. Iowa’s Attorney General, a true-believing eugenicist of the old Nazi school, responds, “Liquor license holders are obligated to obey all Iowa laws as a condition of their privilege to hold a license. We are determined to enforce this new law – because it is the law and because it saves lives." This is the sort of man who will just as eagerly "enforce the law" when it comes time to break down your front door and haul you away for possession of cigarettes.

State leaders of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization have also adopted the brainless goose-step. They have ordered the removal of the Ottumwa club commander as penalty for his love of liberty.

The post membership is defying the removal order. Post Commander Denny Whitson, a Vietnam veteran, remains in charge, and is expected to be re-elected to his post this week.

The Fascists’ assaults will keep coming. Commander Whitson and the membership of VFW Post #775 must be prepared for total war. Godspeed to these heroic rebels.



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