Insightful video commentary from Ian, a retired UK physician.

"Dr.Ian" identifies himself as a retired, 72 year old, UK physician.

Some time ago, Dr. Ian began to write down his thoughts on various topics. He then took his writings and simply read them into a video camera. Then, he uploaded his recorded commentaries to YouTube to be shared with others.

Dr. Ian’s videotaped soliloquies are a real treat for the contemplative. He grounds his themes in personal anecdotes and images that give viewers a glimpse into the decades of experience of a disciplined and inquistive mind.

Also, Dr. Ian’s simple presentation, fine writing, and dignified delivery amount to an unintended, understated elegance that can be readily sensed by any viewer of his videos.

It appears that Dr. Ian always has something bold and insightful to say: whether it be regarding public health’s tobacco derangement, international politics, economics, or the metaphysical musings of Carlos Castaneda.

On YouTube, Dr. Ian goes by the moniker MBChB1961. You can view all of his videos by clicking here.

For now, clink the link below to enjoy the first of two of Dr. Ian’s commmentaries regarding smoking to be presented at FORCES.



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