Violence against smokers is not news, people have been shot for lighting up. The Anti’s say they don’t hate people who smoke but they have managed over the past 18 years to install unsubstantiated fear into the hearts of the American population. Fear equates to violence.
A elderly woman lite up a cigarette on a New York City bus. The bus driver physically threw her off the bus and then shoved her to the ground.

The driver’s actions — especially a potential extra shove once the woman was off the bus — have prompted a reprimand from the city’s transportation department, the MTA. The entire scene was captured by some one’s phone. Physical violence is never acceptable, however peaceful demonstration has a long tradition in America. Smoker’s are getting feed up and are tired of being treated like third class citizens. One our of five adults smoke, that is a very large voting block. Politicians should keep that in mind when they continue to impose draconian laws.



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