During the dark days of World War II Britons gracefully endured rationing as a service to the nation’s effort to win the war. The call for rationing has returned but this time in the service of the global warming hoax. Four modest portions of meat and one litre of milk per week should be all that is allowed for the citizens of the United Kingdom. Anything more generous and the world will not be able to avoid the catastrophe of run-away climate change. Not only must meat and dairy be reduced but total per capita food consumption must also decline, especially those items having low nutritional value such such as alcohol, sweets and chocolate.

This thin gruel of a regimen for the health of the planet comes form the Food Climate Research Network and this time the behavior engineers are not fooling around. Declaring that campaigns encouraging people voluntary to change their habits are doomed to fail, the pressure group urged the government to impose caps on greenhouse gas emissions and place penalties on carbon production.

Incredibly these food activists are proposing that their own government reduce the amount of food delivered to the populace. If our society were civilized these bozos would be hooted off the stage and denigrated by every filthy name in the book. In less civilized times they would be executed for treason. Today they are given space in a major newspaper to hawk a fraud.



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